The base idea of Fontify came from Vanessa, a student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. With a couple of carefully chosen and well positioned already stylish fonts one can create a great sketch that is pleasant to the eye, expresses emotions or creates laughter.

Being able to share your sketches not only enable others to see and comment on your work, but they can even modify it, which makes the evolution of sketches social.

During the development many candidates were considered for naming the application, Fontology, Fontart, Fontartist, Fontastic to list just a few. The one that stuck - idea of a friend - comprises the best in our opinion the process of making sketches using just fonts. The .it ending in the URL only adds to this, and beside the fact of being trendy, it is the top-level domain for Italy, renamed for its creators and world-famous design.

The potential of the application and the creative imagination of the users showed already during beta test, so we expect to see a lot of sketches worthy of being framed and signed by their authors. Who knows, might even have the honor of seeing the work of famous artists and designers.


Ferenc Vehmann
Gabor Furedi

Vanessa Lenka Narr

Zoltan Szakats

Jesse Kuiper (AmsterdamGraffiti)
Johan Holmdahl (Another Typewriter)
James Fordyce (Deutsch Gothic)
Manfred Klein (BodoniXT, GeosansLight, OptimusPrinceps)
Yusuke Kamiyamane (PFRondaSeven)
Bernd Montag (Sansation)
Fredrick Nader (Scriptina)
Andreas Hofeld (Trinigan FG)
Brian Kent (VisitorTT1BRK)
Johan Waldenstrom (Whoa!)

Jared K Cornwall

Imageshack / yfrog, ASI-HTTP, PHP, mongoDB, jQuery

Bits and pieces
bxSlider, jQuery content slider
tipsy, jQuery Facebook-style tooltip plugin